BIAJS 2022 Book Prize
 We are pleased to announce that the 2022 BIAJS Book Prize competition is now open. The book prize initiative was launched in 2018 to recognise and promote outstanding scholarship in the field of Jewish Studies. The prize was last year won by Brendan McGeever, with honourable mentions for books submitted by Rebecca Clifford and Hannah Ewence.

Each year BIAJS awards a prize of £1000 for the best monograph submitted, with the focus alternating between books on the ancient to medieval period and early modern to modern period. For the 2022 prize we invite submissions focused on topics relating to the ancient to medieval period. The winner will be announced at the annual BIAJS conference in July 2022.


  • Subject matter: Books in any area of academic Jewish Studies related to the ancient to medieval period are eligible for consideration.
  • Eligibility: Submissions must have been completed by scholars based at British or Irish universities, or based on work substantially undertaken at UK or Irish universities. All scholars are eligible to submit books, but if not already members of BIAJS they will be expected to join the association during the review period.
  • Nominations: Those eligible may submit their books for consideration, or be nominated by a publisher, or be nominated by another member of BIAJS.
  • Publication date: Only volumes with a copyright date of 2020 or after are eligible.
  • Type of volume: Only monographs are accepted, including translations and commentaries of sources. Reference works and edited volumes will not be considered.

Submission Instructions:
Please notify the BIAJS Secretary, Dr David Tollerton (, of your intention to submit a monograph for the prize. Your intention to submit message should include the following information:

  • Contact details (name, email and postal address)
  • Confirmation of eligibility
  • Details of the publication, including title, publisher and copyright date

You will need to mail three physical copies of your monograph to the BIAJS Secretary (mailing details will be confirmed following your intention to submit message).

The deadline for sending an intention to submit message is Monday 21 February 2021. All volumes must be received by Monday 21 March 2022 or the submission will become ineligible.

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