A collection of art and blood. The Goering catalogue. Online film event (10 June 2021)

The Centre for Jewish Studies at Manchester University is pleased to announce that the next Screen & Talk event will be the screening of ‘A collection of art and blood, the Goering catalogue’ followed by a Q&A panel with Jean-Marc Dreyfus, co-writer of the documentary, in conversation with Katja Stuerzenhofecker. During the war, Hermann Goering, Hitler’s right-hand man, set up for personal ends a gigantic business of spoliation of works of art belonging to thousands of Jewish families. These lootings were conscientiously noted in a catalogue, an archive that came out of oblivion in 2015. Carried out like a real police investigation, the film takes us to the four corners of the world to search for witnesses, archives and traces of a story that does not fade. Thurs 10 June 2021, 5.45pm BST. Film is French with English subtitles. Free online event register here.”

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