On the back wall, in the far-right corner of the Cardiff Reform Synagogue is a memorial tablet.  This tablet commemorates relatives of the CRS congregation who were murdered during the Holocaust, but whose final resting places are unknown.  As the Congregation dwindles, and memories fail, the final links to these people are being lost.  The Jewish History Association of South Wales is undertaking a project to research these people, these mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, to ensure that they are remembered even when the final living link breaks.

So far, of the 102 names, we have found information on 49. We are appealing to relatives of the original members of the CRS congregation to contact us if they can shed any light on the remaining 53, or those who sponsored their names for the tablet.

We accept, sadly, that we shall probably never be able to trace everyone but would truly appreciate any help to make that number as small as possible.

If you can provide any information at all, please contact klavdija.erzen@jhasw.org.uk

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