Please find attached the programme for the forthcoming conference taking place at the Clarendon Institute on 20-21 June.

All are welcome, but please pre-register  via this e-mail address and also kindly indicate whether you would like a sandwich lunch (for which there will be a £5 charge, payable on the day[s] you attend.) 

Conference Programme

Monday 20 June

9.15am   Opening remarks:
Alison Salvesen and Sarah Pearce

9.30-10.15am   Hugh Williamson

Egypt in the Book of Isaiah

10.15-11am   Reinhard Kratz

Arameans and Judaeans: Ethnography and Identity at Elephantine

11-11.30am Coffee Break  

11.30-12.15pm  Noah Hacham

Between Jews and Non-Jews: the Case of 3 Maccabees

12.15-1pm   Livia Capponi

The metaphor of the plague. The expulsion of Jews in 19 CE and the image of Jews and Egyptians under Tiberius

1-2pm   Sandwich Lunch

2-2.45pm   Willy Clarysse

Identifying Jews: the evidence of the papyri

2.45-3.30pm   Margaret Williams
The Jews of Apollinopolis Magna/Edfu – a neglected

Diaspora community in early Roman imperial Egypt

3.30-4pm    Tea break

4-4.45pm   Gregory Sterling – Keynote

The history of the Alexandrian Jewish community

4.45-5.30pm   William Horbury – Keynote
Egypt in the Jewish Risings under Trajan

5.30-6pm Concluding remarks: Dorothy Thompson

7pm Dinner for speakers at Rewley House

Tuesday 21 June

9.15am     Introduction: Miriam Frenkel

9.30-10.15am    Esther-Miriam Wagner

Language and Identity in the Cairo Genizah

10.15-11am   Yehoshua Granat

An Andalusian in Alexandria: A new look at

Yehuda Halevi’s ‘Egyptian’ poems

11-11.30am- Coffee Break

11.30-12.15pm   Marzena Zawanowska

The concept of Egypt in medieval Karaite Bible exegesis

12.15-1pm  Paul Fenton

An Andalusi poet descends to Egypt: Judah al-Harîzî’s account of his visit to its communities in 1222

1-2pm    Sandwich Lunch

2-2.45pm   Joanna Weinberg

Living in Egypt–A Maimonidean Predicament

2.45-3.30pm  Judith Olszowy-Schlanger – Keynote

Hebrew scribes and script in medieval Egypt

3.30-4.15pm   Tea Break


4.15-5pm  Dotan Arad

‘In the wilderness of their enemies’: Jewish Attitudes
towards Muslim Space in light of a 15th-Century
Genizah Letter from Egypt

5-5.30pm  Ben Williams

From Exile in Egypt to Exile in Safed – Galut in Moses Alsheikh’s Commentary on the Song of Songs

5.30-6pm  Adriana X Jacobs

Esther Raab in Cairo 

6-6.30pm Epilogue: Mark Cohen

7pm Dinner for speakers at Rewley House

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