Dr hab. Prof. UP Sławomir Kapralski, Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny w Krakowie and Professor Larry Ray, SSPSSR, University of Kent, UK

The politics of Holocaust memory in Poland has for many decades been an arena of dispute. The German occupation in Poland destroyed the largest pre-War Jewish population in the world and the Germans further placed six extermination camps in occupied Polish territory. While post-War Poland inevitably became a major site of Holocaust memory and commemoration this has always been entangled with contemporary Polish and international politics, both in the Communist and post-Communist periods. This Special Issue of the journal invites contributions on any aspect of disputed Holocaust memory in Poland. Topics might include (but are not limited to):

  • Communist era memory and commemoration of the Holocaust
  • The disputes about the Auschwitz Museum as a site of commemoration
  • Disputes in post-Communist commemoration, such as the Jedwabne controversy
  • Contemporary official historical politics in Poland and its impact on the representation of the Holocaust
  • Counter-memories and the construction of Polish history from abroad for example Israeli youth voyages to Poland
  • The dispute over Poles as rescuers vs Poles as betrayers
  • Beyond the generation of survivors? How is the politics of Holocaust memory transformed by the passing of the survivor generation?
  • Holocaust memory on the local level: local commemorations and practices of remembrance
  • The Holocaust in contemporary Polish cinema, theatre, fine arts, and popular culture
  • Contemporary initiatives in the field of Holocaust education
  • Polish encounters with the globalized Holocaust discourse


A typical article will contain 8,000–12,000 words including endnotes.

Please submit to the Special Issue editors an abstract of about 100 words by July 1st 2016

Each manuscript should have 3-6 keywords

For complete instructions on submitting a manuscript, please click here or visit the journal website http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/rhos20#.VznO2Y-cHIU

Final date for submission June 30th 2017

If you have any queries or wish to discuss this Call, please contact the Special Issue Editors:

Larry Ray l.j.ray@kent.ac.uk

Sławomir Kapralski Kapral@up.krakow.pl



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