Bogdanow Lecture in Holocaust Studies 2023

‘Gender and Ukraine.  New Approaches and Themes’

Prof. Wendy Lower (Claremont McKenna)

Professor Lower is the John K. Roth Professor of History at Claremont McKenna College, and the Director of the Mgrublian Center for Human Rights. She has published widely on the Holocaust in Ukraine, victims’ testimonies, and women‘s history. Her work, Hitler’s Furies: Nazi Women in the German Killing Fields (Houghton 2013), was a finalist for the National Book Award, and The Ravine: A Family, A Photograph, A Holocaust Massacre Revealed (Mariner, 2021) won the National Jewish Book Award in Holocaust history, and was shortlisted for a PEN prize and Wingate prize.

Online/zoom lecture series

Tue 31 January 2023, 6.00 pm UK time:Lecture 1 ‘Gender, Genocide and the Feminization of Hatred’Zoom:

In this talk, Prof Lower will explore the role of women in the Nazi movement and Holocaust as compared to other cases of genocide. How are women mobilized to support and carry out genocide, and what are the challenges in prosecuting them? Lower will also comment on the role of women in Putin’s Russification and imperial genocides.

Wed 1 February 2023, 6.00 pm UK time:

Lecture 2 ‘Researching the Holocaust in Ukraine: New Approaches and Themes’Zoom:

Drawing from her new book, The Ravine, Prof Lower will trace the different methods applied to researching the Holocaust by bullets in Ukraine. She will also comment on the recent setbacks and advances for conducting this work in Ukraine today and Putin‘s misuse of Holocaust history.

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