University of Manchester Bogdanow Lectures in Holocaust Studies 2022

The University of Manchester Centre for Jewish Studies is pleased to announce the 2022 Bogdanow Lectures in Holocaust Studies will be delivered by Prof. Marion Kaplan, Skirball Professor of Modern Jewish History at NYU. Prof. Kaplan is a three-time winner of the National Jewish Book Award for her books: The Making of the Jewish Middle Class: Women, Family and Identity in Imperial Germany (New York, Oxford University Press, 1991); Between Dignity and Despair: Jewish Life in Nazi Germany (Oxford University Press, 1998); and Gender and Jewish History, co-edited with Deborah Dash Moore (Indiana, 2011).

Tues 8 Feb 2022, 6 – 7.30pm (GMT).  Lecture 1: Hitler’s Jewish Refugees: Hope and Anxiety in Portugal, 1940-1945 

The lecture depicts the travails of refugees escaping Nazi Europe and awaiting their fate in Portugal. Drawing attention not only to the social and physical upheavals of refugee existence, it highlights their feelings as they fled their homes and histories while begging strangers for kindness. An emotional history of fleeing, Kaplan probes how specific locations touched refugees’ inner lives, including the borders they nervously crossed, the consulate lines they fretfully waited on, the smoky cafés they uneasily inhabited, or the overcrowded transatlantic ships that signalled their liberation. These sites induced feelings of frustration or relief – often both. Online public event followed by Q&A. Register in advance for this webinar:

Weds 9 Feb 2022, 6 – 7.30pm (GMT). Lecture 2: Gender and the Holocaust

This lecture will look back to the beginnings of research on women and/or gender and the Holocaust. The talk will describe the first workshops that attempted to raise this question and the first books to offer some answers. Besides discussing how the field grew, it will focus on showing how a women’s and gender history perspective made a difference in understanding the Holocaust.  It will raise women’s and men’s different perceptions and different reactions at home, in ghettoes, and in camps and it will look forward to new areas of research that also highlight women’s and gender studies.

Online public event Followed by Q&A. Register in advance for this webinar:

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