Apocalyptic as a Literary Phenomenon in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

This online two-day workshop is the first from a consortium that brings together scholars from different disciplines to encourage innovative discussion about the nature of apocalyptic writings, interrelationships between Jewish, Christian and Islamic apocalyptic traditions and their contribution to Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations. The focus of the first workshop is to explore apocalyptic as a literary phenomenon up to Late Antiquity and to highlight trends and distinctive elements within the apocalyptic literary world of Jews, Christians and Muslims.


Monday 13th September

10.30-10.50     Welcome: Karin Zetterholm and Helen Spurling

11.00-12.30   Chair: James Palmer

Helen Spurling: ‘Crisis in Jewish Apocalyptic Writings at the Emergence of Islam’

Emmanouela Grypeou: ‘The reception of the Book of Daniel in Christian Post-Islamic Apocalyptic Literature’

12.30-13.00   informal conversation

14.00-15.30     Chair: Philip Alexander

Emiliano Fiori: ‘A Literary Symbol of Late Antique Egypt: The Apocalypse of Paul’

Katharina Keim: ‘Pirqei de Rabbi Eliezer and Apocalyptic’

15.30-16.00   informal conversation

17.00-18.30     Chair: Guy Stroumsa

Michael Marx: ‘The 6th century as the century of disasters and the origins of Islam’

Angelika Neuwirth: ‘How to evaluate traces of apocalypticism in the Qur’an’

18.30-19.00     informal conversation


Tuesday 14th September

11.00-12.30     Chair: Katharina Keim

Philip Alexander: ‘Commentary Dressed up as Apocalyptic: The Concept of Apocalyptic as a Literary Genre in the Writings of the Apocalyptic Revival’

James Palmer: ‘Sin and Solace: The Appeal of Apocalypse in the Latin West c.650-c.775’

12.30-13.00     informal conversation

14.00-15.30     Chair: Karin Zetterholm

Hindy Najman: ‘Time, Wisdom and Prophecy – Deconstructing Categories’

Guy Stroumsa: ‘Shapes of Time in the Abrahamic Religions: A Phenomenological Sketch’

15.30-16.00     informal conversation

17.00-18.30     Plenary Chairs: Emmanouela Grypeou and Helen Spurling

Plenary Discussion

Workshop and Registration Information

All session times are CEST (Central European Summer Time) or UTC+2

You can register to join the workshop through the following Eventbrite link:


The deadline for registration is 18.00 CEST September 8th 2021

The workshop will be held on Zoom and registered participants will be sent the Zoom link ahead of the workshop.

If you have any queries about the workshop, please contact both Helen Spurling (h.spurling@soton.ac.uk) and Katharina Keim (katharina.keim@ctr.lu.se)


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