The Sephardi Association of Ottawa invites you to the virtual lecture:

Affirmed and Hidden Identities:  from the Inquisition to the Shoah

Isaac Nahón-Serfaty, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of Ottawa

Thursday, May 27 – 7 pm (Ottawa time)

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To decide to forget Judaism is not a new phenomenon. Since time immemorial, Jews have faced the option of assimilating to the dominant culture. Whether it be the Hellenized Jews against whom the Maccabees rose up, or those who were forced to convert to Catholicism in Spain and Portugal at the time of the expulsion, or more recently those assimilated in Enlightenment Europe, the idea of abandoning Judaism has gone hand in hand with Jewish history. However, in these times of fluid identities, where there are people who claim Sephardi ancestry to obtain citizenship, and there are those who rediscover their Jewish past that their parents tried to bury, the options on how to remember or forget Judaism are multiplying. Professor Nahon-Serfaty will approach the subject following the thread of diverse Jewish experiences.

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