University of Manchester Bogdanow Lectures in Holocaust Studies 2021

The University of Manchester Centre for Jewish Studies is pleased to announce the 2021 Bogdanow Lecture in Holocaust Studies will be delivered by Oscar-winning film director László Nemes. The globally acclaimed filmmaker, whose 2015 film ‘Son of Saul’ won numerous international prizes including an Academy Award, the Grand Prix, the Golden Globe and BAFTA, will speak on the topic of Holocaust portrayals in fiction film.

László Nemes will be the first cultural practitioner to deliver the Bogdanow Lectures and his work at the interface of cultural production, Holocaust memorialization and academic discourse on Holocaust representation will be of interest to diverse audiences from within the academic and creative communities, as well as the general public. 

Sunday 7 February – Wednesday 10 February 2021

‘Son of Saul’ online streaming, as part of the Bogdanow event, in collaboration with UK Jewish Film. Open to the public. The film can be purchased for rental at the discounted rate of £1, from Sunday (7 Feb) to Wednesday (10 Feb). Booking to open soon at

Tuesday, 9 February 2021 – 6pm (GMT)

The Holocaust at Eye Level: László Nemes, Oscar-Winning Director of Son of Saul (2015) in Conversation with Cathy Gelbin, Professor of Film and German Studies at Manchester University, Department of Drama. Followed by public Q&A. Open to the public. Eventbrite link for conversation at

Wednesday, 10 February 2021- 2pm (GMT)

Film in the Face of Historical Crisis. Masterclass for University of Manchester staff and students. László Nemes’ seminar on his experience in filmmaking will treat the cinematic and ethical implications of portraying historical violence and crumbling civilisation in relation to his films ‘Son of Saul’ and, more recently, ‘Sunset’. From there, he will turn to issues of subjectivity and the role of the viewer in today’s cinema; namely, the disappearance of the viewer-film relationship – toward a flow of standardised, television-compatible, interchangeable films. Eventbrite link for masterclass at

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