New British Jewish Web Platform

With the intention of creating new conversations and opportunities to publish in the UK Jewish media to promote books and other creative work or to respond to an issue currently exists, we are looking to set up a new an online public-facing *nonacademic* forum, for academics, intellectuals, creatives, and others to disseminate their work more widely, contribute to contemporary debates, respond to issues in a timely fashion, and maybe it could become a news service. It would be agile, responsive, not subject to the demands of print or deadlines, and snappy with short pieces (max. 1,000 words) but with room for longer, reflective, or more in-depth discussions such as investigative pieces but always written with a broad audience in mind.
The platform proposes to provide a means to get our ideas and voices to a wider audience than the standard academic publication. or serve as templates, as democratic, pluralistic outlets both of which crowdsource their material to provide a quicker response time to issues than a print and/or quarterly publication. Further, without depending on a funder, we are free to cover what we want to cover especially around Israel. This is experimental, we are working out what it might be and might be called but would you be willing to write something? When thinking about what to write, the rule of thumb should be: what could I not get accepted for publication in an existing British Jewish community or academic publication? In order to produce a proof of concept with some minimum viable product.
To this end, we invite responses, whether written or creative (no more than 1,000 words but the shorter and snappier the better) to one or both of the following questions: 1. What will British Jewish culture look like after the pandemic? 2. How has the pandemic affected how we think about British Jewish culture?
The deadline is June 30th. Feel free to circulate to your networks.
Nathan Abrams

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