Oxford University Chabad Society cordially invites you to a Mid-Summer Oxford Seminar in Jewish Studies – Yom Limmud

Sunday, 23 July, 1pm-5.30pm

Slager Jewish Student Centre, 61 George Street, Oxford, OX1 2BQ


1pm: Buffet lunch

2pm: Professor Adam Ferziger, ‘Is High Tech Changing the Way We Engage Religion? Novel Approaches Emerging from the 2017 Oxford Summer Institute on Modern and Contemporary Judaism’

 Adam S. Ferziger holds the Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch Chair for Research of the Torah and Derekh Erez Movement in the Israel and Golda Koschitzky Department of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry at Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel.  He is co-convener of the Oxford Summer Institute for Modern and Contemporary Judaism, University and a senior associate of the Oxford Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. Ferziger was the recipient of Bar-Ilan’s “Outstanding Lecturer” award for 2011. His books include: Exclusion and Hierarchy: (University of Pennsylvania, 2005); Jewish Denominations: (Melton/The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2012); and most recently Beyond Sectarianism  (Wayne State University, 2015), which was accorded the 2015 National Jewish Book Award in American Jewish Studies.

2.30pm: Rabbi Eli Brackman (Oxford University Chabad Society), Three Crowns: Interpreting Oxford’s Coat of Arms through Jewish Theology’

3pm: Professor Lawrence Amsel, Grief therapy and the Jewish tradition of mourning’

 Lawrence Amsel is an academic psychiatrist on the faculty of Columbia University. His area of focus is understanding the long term effects of psychological trauma, the applications of behavioral economics and game theory to psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. He attended Yale school of medicine and joined the faculty of Columbia University medical school. He is a child of Holocaust survivors.

3.30pm: Coffee break

3.45pm: Dr. Michael Meir, ‘Point in Time: A solution for personal conflicts’

Dr. Michael Meir is a Psychotherapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and accomplished cardiologist. As a researcher, trainer and educator coach seminar, he has been recognized for his leadership role in human development in both Argentina and the United States. Dr. Meir is a former Dean of Health Sciences and Technologies at TCI College, New York. He has been a key figure in the development of The R. Bertisch Institute (Argentina). He has served as Vice president and Senior Trainer for Synergistic International, Argentina; Professor at the School of Counselors of R. Bertisch Foundation, trainer for the Foreign Ministry in Argentina.

4.15pm Dr. David Gurevich

David Gurevich is a post-doctoral fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2014-5 he was appointed a Fulbright fellow at Harvard University and is founder of Ambassadors Online (University of Haifa) – a comprehensive program which trains digital diplomats in the international arena.

4.45pm: Professor Katarzyna Person, ‘Current research on the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto’

Katarzyna Person is a historian of Eastern European Jewish History working in the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, where she coordinates the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto publication project. In her research she focuses on the Holocaust and its immediate aftermath in Eastern Europe. After her PhD, awarded by the University of London in 2010, she held postdoctoral fellowships from the International Institute for Holocaust Research in Yad Vashem, the Center for Jewish History in New York City and La Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah. A book, based on her PhD thesis, which deals with assimilated, acculturated and baptised Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, was published by Syracuse University Press in 2014.

5.15pm: Dr. Seth Armus, ‘Convergence of anti-American and Antisemitism in modern France’

Seth Armus received his Ph.D. in French History from Stony Brook University in 1998 and has been with St. Joseph’s College since 1997. He teaches courses on Western civilization, the French Revolution, modern Europe and the Holocaust. His first book, French Anti-Americanism 1930-1948: Critical Moments in a Complex History, was published by Lexington Books in 2007. Currently, Dr. Armus is completing a second book that addresses the convergence of anti-American and antisemitic rhetoric in modern France and follows the long-term cultural influence of figures such as Pierre Antoine Cousteau, Louis Massignon and Andre Siegfried.

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Feel free to come to all or any part of the programme!

All are welcome!



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