New Jewish Studies digital resource now live: The Littman E-Library of Jewish Civilization

Following on from our notice last month, Liverpool University Press are delighted to announce the launch of The Littman E-Library of Jewish Civilization.

Browse all 90 volumes:

 How do I access the LEJC?

2017 prices: £3,700 / US $4,950

The LEJC is available for one-off purchase by institutions with options for online access to content in perpetuity. We offer libraries 30-day free trials of content, for more information or to place an order email

 Highlights from The Littman E-Library of Jewish Civilization

The Wisdom of the Zohar Volumes 1-3

The Zohar is the fundamental work of Jewish mysticism. Isaiah Tishby’s classic and definitive The Wisdom of the Zohar makes the world of the Zohar available to the English-speaking reader in all its complexity and poetry. Read more >

 How Jewish is Jewish History?

Moshe Rosman treats the key questions that postmodernism raises for the writing of Jewish history. What is the relationship between Jewish culture and history and those of the non-Jews among whom Jews live? Read more >

Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 1

In this volume of Polin, scholars from the fields of history, sociology, politics, anthropology, linguistics, literature, and folklore explore central themes in Jewish and European history.

Read more >

British Jewry and the Holocaust

How did British Jewry respond to the Holocaust, how prominent was it on the communal agenda, and what does this response tell us about the values, politics, and fears of the Anglo-Jewish community? Read more >

Jewish Theology and World Religions

Two of the most pervasive aspects of modern Jewish life are interaction with people of other faiths and exposure to their beliefs to a degree unknown in the past. Read more >

For further information:

Jennie Collinson | Head of Sales

Liverpool University Press | 4 Cambridge Street, Liverpool L69 7ZU, UK



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