A major international conference on ‘The Classification of Humanity: Defining and Dividing Societies in the Modern Era’ conceived by the International Consortium for Research on Antisemitism and Racism (ICRAR), of which the Pears Institute is a founding member, will be held in Haifa, Israel, 27-28 November 2016.

This is the fourth annual conference of ICRAR and will be hosted by University of Haifa’s Bucerius Institute for the Study of Contemporary German History and Society and School of History.

As with previous ICRAR conferences, the goal of this meeting is to address questions that are central to the study of antisemitism and other forms of racism. In “The Classification of Humanity” there are two separate but interrelated levels of classification which the conference seeks to explore: the first concerns classifications found in various historical objects or moments that are critical for the historical understanding of antisemitism and racism; the second level concerns classifications employed by contemporary scholars in their analyses of topics related to antisemitic and racist phenomena.

The call for papers is attached. Paper proposals of one-page should be sent to bucerius@univ.haifa.ac.il by 31 March 2016. 

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