Preface by Cathy S. Gelbin and Raphael Gross

I. Austrian, Jewish, German, Czech: Reframing Max Brod and Prague Zionism Introduction by Mark H. Gelber

Abraham Rubin, Max Brod and Hans-Joachim Schoeps: Literary Collaborators, Ideological Rivals
Sebastian Schirrmeister, On Not Writing Hebrew: Max Brod and the ‘Jewish Poet of the German Tongue’ between Prague and Tel Aviv

II. Religion

Mathias Berek, Neglected German-Jewish Visions for a Pluralistic Society: Moritz Lazarus
Nick Block, On Nathan Birnbaum’s Messianism and Translating the Jewish Other
Thomas Gertzen, “To Become a German and Nothing but a German…”. The Role of Paul de Lagarde in the Conversion of Egyptologist Georg Steindorff
Andreas Losch, What is behind God’s Name? Martin Buber’s and Franz Rosenzweig’s Reflections on the Name of God
Anna Novikov, Leo Baeck and Leon Ader: Friendship Reflected in Correspondence

III. Poetry and Theatre

Klaus Hödl, Der kleine Kohn on the Jewish Stage
Lilach Nethanel, Poetics of Distance: Zalman Shneour in Berlin during the First World War and its Aftermath
Ari Linden, Staging German-Jewish Exile in Else Lasker-Schüler’s IchundIch.

IV. Jewish Life after the Holocaust

Lisa Silverman, Art of Loss: Madame d’Ora, Photography, and the Restitution of House Doranna
Jannis Panagiotidis, A Policy for the Future: German-Jewish Remigrants, their Children, and the Politics of Israeli Nation-Building
David Shneer, Yiddish Music and East German Antifascism: Lin Jaldati, Postwar Jewish Culture, and the Cold War

V. Memoir

Rabbi Steven Schwarzschild’s Reports from Berlin 1948-1950; introduction by Atina Grossmann
A Note on Steven Schwarzschild and the Letters from Berlin, by Maimon Schwarzschild
Rabbi Steven Schwarzschild’s Reports from Berlin
Heinrich Nuhn, “Like Hunted Animals”. The November 1938 Pogroms in Rotenburg an der Fulda: Henny Rothschild’s Letter from 18 October 1939

VI. List of Contributors
VII. Index

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