A One Day Workshop at the Wiener Library, 5 June 2015. An event co-organised by the Wiener Library and the Parkes Institute, University of Southampton for its Jubilee Celebrations

The passing on of the generation of refugees from Nazism and survivors of the Holocaust has left behind its own personal archives, some in the private domain and others in formal repositories. What are scholars to make of this often intensely personal material which is so important in understanding the impact of persecution and displacement on the individual? Are there ethical issues of what can and cannot be used? And what further issues emerge if those confronting them have a close relationship to those who wrote or received such correspondence? This workshop will bring together scholars who have faced, or are facing, both the methodological issues of utilising this material and the ethical considerations of bringing it into the public sphere.




9.00-9.30                     Registration and coffee

9.30-9.45                     Welcome

9.45-10.30                   Elizabeth Heinemann (University of Iowa): ‘Inheriting Estrangement: The Private Papers of a Contentious Family’

10.30-11.15                 Joachim Schloer (University of Southampton): ‘The challenge of incompleteness. How can we fill existing gaps in family papers’

11.15-11.45                 Coffee

11.45-12.30                 Esther Saraga (Retired Independent Researcher): ‘Daughter, researcher, academic – complex relationships to family papers’

12.30-1.30                   Lunch

1.30-2.15                     Shirli Gilbert (University of Southampton): ‘Displacement, loss and unlikely friendship in the shadow of the Holocaust: The Schwab family correspondence 1936-1971’

2.15-3                          Gur Alroey (University of Haifa): ‘Between history of immigration and history of immigrants: The Case of the Jewish Migration at the Beginning of Twentieth Century’

3-3.30                         Tea

3.30-4.15                     Christine Hartig (University of Innsbruck): ‘Family and Generational Relations in the Migration Process’

4.15-5pm                     Round table discussion and future research agenda