Theme: Jewish Studies and New Testament

Open Access, freely available online.


1. Marc Zvi Brettler and Amy-Jill Levine, The Jewish Annotated New Testament: Retrospect and Prospects.  

2. Anders Runesson, Saving the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel: Purity, Forgiveness, and Synagogues in the Gospel of Matthew.  

3. Jody A. Barnard, Anti-Jewish Interpretations of Hebrews: Some Neglected Factors.  

4. Etka Liebowitz, Hypocrites or Pious Scholars? The Image of the Pharisees in Second Temple Period Texts and Rabbinic Literature.  

5. Pere Casanellas and Harvey J. Hames, A Textual and Contextual Analysis of the Hebrew Gospels translated from Catalan.

Editors: Daniel R. Langton and Renate Smithuis

Editorial assistant: Simon Mayers

Centre for Jewish Studies
University of Manchester