Co-organized by the German Historical Institute Washington, DC, the Institute for the History of the German Jews, Hamburg, the Alvin H. Rosenfeld Chair in Jewish Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington, and the Wissenschaftliche Arbeitsgemeinschaft des Leo Baeck Instituts (Miriam Ruerup, Anne Schenderlein, Mirjam Zadoff).

25.03.2015, Hamburg, Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden 
We invite proposals for papers to be presented at the Fourth Junior Scholars Conference in German Jewish History, to take place at the Institute for the History of the German Jews in Hamburg in July 2015. We seek proposals specifically from post-doctoral scholars, recent PhDs, as well as those in the final stages of their dissertations. The aim of the conference is to bring together a small transatlantic group of junior scholars to discuss and explore new research and questions in German Jewish history and 19th and 20th history more broadly. During a two-day workshop, the participants will give short presentations (20 min.) of their individual research projects and engage in discussions on sources, methodology, and theory to assess current and future trends in the historiography on German Jewry.

This year’s workshop will focus on the themes of heritage and diaspora and we invite papers pertaining to these and closely related topics. We are specifically interested in creating a dialogue between scholars of Jewish history and historians working on other ethnic, religious, social, and cultural groups. In bringing together a cross-field group of historians, we hope to broaden our understanding of different approaches and sharpen our eye for particularities and commonalities in the study of heritage and diaspora. Working from the observation that genealogy research is increasingly popular today, while Jewish museums are being built and Jewish heritage tourism is flourishing all over Europe, we would like to examine this Jewish interest in heritage and place it within a broader comparative perspective.

Among some of the questions we are interested in exploring are:

  • When and why is heritage important to a community?
  • What role does the experience of diaspora, migration, persecution, and forced exile play in a community’s focus on heritage?
  • How does Zionism and the goal of overcoming the Jewish diaspora affect
  • diasporic searches for roots and inventions of a common past?
  • Does heritage have a specific place and space?
  • How are heritage sites chosen, created, invented, and represented?
  • What role does tourism play?

The workshop language will be English. The organizers cover expenses for travel (lump sum) and accommodation.

Please send short proposals (2-3 pages max.) and a one page CV to Anne Schenderlein ( by March 25, 2015. For questions, please also contact Anne Schenderlein. Successful applicants will be notified by April 7.

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