“The Crazy Genius of Herod the Great”

Seen through the lens of his building programme, military strategy, contemporary texts, art and architecture, and political alliances

Considering the enormous scale of his political ambitions and achievements during his lengthy reign, we shall be happy to receive submissions relating to any and all aspects of the rule of Herod the Great, including political connections, religious facets of his life and rule, propaganda, military campaigns and strategy, his innovative building programme, including the Temple at Jerusalem, art, architecture, numismatics, contemporary texts, and any other related matters.


Presentation of papers at this conference will be 45 minutes within a one-hour slot, allowing time for discussion after each paper.

We invite abstracts of no more than 400 words to reach us by email at hekhal.dublinia@gmail.com by 20 March 2015.

(For further details, see the Hekhal website http://hekhal.wordpress.com/)