The University of Manchester’s Centre for Jewish Studies acts as a focus for Jewish Studies at the University as well as the hub for the Northern UK Jewish Studies Partnership. It is home to a number of academics in the fields of Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, rabbinic Judaism, Jewish Thought, Holocaust Studies, ancient, medieval and modern Jewish History, Film Studies, Jewish-Non-Jewish Relations, and Israel Studies. Manchester at present has particular strength in Jewish History and Literature in Late Antiquity (including Dead Sea Scrolls), Jewish Background to Christian Origins, Medieval Jewish Thought, Jewish Mysticism, Jewish Magic, Jewish-Christian Relations, Darwinism and Jewish Thought, Modern Anglo-Jewish History, and Modern Jewish Thought.

The University facilitates undergraduate degree programmes that include Jewish Studies components, and a wide variety of Jewish studies related courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. These courses are offered in a number of subject areas, particularly Middle Eastern Studies and Religions and Theology, although they can also be found on other courses within the humanities, including History and Modern Languages. Modules on offer range geographically from Africa and the Middle East to Europe, addressing Jewish religion, culture, politics and society from antiquity to modernity. Topics such as the Holocaust, modern and rabbinic literature, film and Jewish/non-Jewish relations are explored through the teaching available, as well as tuition in both Modern and Biblical Hebrew. In addition to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, the Centre hosts research seminars, the Sherman Lectures in Jewish Studies and the Bogdanow Lectures in Holocaust Studies.

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