The University of Birmingham’s Department of Theology and Religion provides the opportunity to study of Judaism from antiquity to the modern day, including inter-cultural theology, textual studies, and inter-religious relations. Specific research interests at the University of Birmingham include, but are not limited to, Hebrew Bible, Second Temple Judaism, Dead Sea Scrolls, Jewish and Holocaust studies, contemporary Christian-Jewish relations; Jewish and Christian (post-)Holocaust theologies. Jewish studies modules are offered by the Institution across both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and reflect these broad interests, spanning from antiquity to the modern era. The Department is home to a large and vibrant community of Doctoral Researchers including in Jewish Studies and has hosted a number of funded Post-Docs.

The Department also hosts two high profile Annual Public lectures in Jewish Studies: The Annual Rabbi Leonard Tann Memorial Lecture and the Annual Birmingham Lecture in Jewish History and Culture.

You can find out more about Jewish and Holocaust Studies at the University of Birmingham here.