The University of Aberdeen is home to the School of Divinity, History and Philosophy, which is the provider of the University’s Jewish studies modules. The University of Aberdeen has researchers with primary research interests in religious studies and offer modules ranging from the biblical era to the present, though predominantly the former. The University endeavours to facilitate study of historical, social and political development of the Judaism and its influence in the modern world

Teaching at the University of Aberdeen focuses on Jewish religion, although an overview of Jewish history and culture from antiquity to the present is offered. Through the University’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, it is possible to survey the content, theology, and history of formation of key books within the Hebrew Bible, with evaluation of source-critical, redaction-critical, form-critical, and canonical approaches to the biblical texts. Teaching in this field also offers insight into the history and religions of ancient Israel and Judah. It provides an overview of the history and religions of Ancient Israel and Judah, as portrayed in the Hebrew Bible, as illustrated by archaeological findings, and as understood within their larger Ancient Near Eastern context.

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