British and Irish Association for Jewish Studies Statement on Antisemitism

The British and Irish Association for Jewish Studies is committed to combating antisemitism in Higher Education. To support our members, we have established an Antisemitism Working Group, which features leading scholars in the field. We also seek to work against antisemitism in partnership with local and national Jewish institutions in the UK and Ireland, to which our members can contribute their professional training and research insights.

The field of research on antisemitism within the orbit of Jewish Studies features a range of voices, and research perspectives. Some scholars support the definition advanced by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. Other experts within Jewish Studies, including some members of our Association, endorse other definitions, or do not consider such definitions to be useful.

We consider that all expert voices on antisemitism within Jewish Studies can enrich the fight against anti-Jewish prejudice and discrimination in Higher Education in the UK and Ireland. To that end, we wish to foster new collaborations with the community that engage with the full diversity of scholarship.


This statement was put together by the BIAJS Antisemitism Working Group in collaboration with the BIAJS committee. The working group is chaired by Professor James Renton (