Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) provides tuition in Jewish studies components through modules offered by the School of History, the Department of Politics and the Department of English. Scholars at QMUL teach a broad range of topics, including but not limited to, Jewish-Christian Relations since the Middle Ages, modern Jewish history and culture, Jewish literature and the Holocaust; special attention is also paid to the experience of Jews in the East end of London, where QMUL is situated.

Undergraduate teaching at Queen Mary University of London covers a wide range of topics which encapsulate the Jewish experience in Europe from the middle ages to modernity. The interdisciplinary approach at this institution promotes study of Jewish history, religion, politics, philosophy and culture, journeying through the wide range of issues which were faced by the Jewish people throughout history. The modules offered at undergraduate level facilitate wider understanding of various topics, from Jewish-Christian Relations in the middle ages to the events of the Holocaust, as well as Jewish literature and the wider cultural context of Jewish migration to Western Europe and America. Given the interests of several scholars at QMUL there is a lively array of activities: film showings, workshops, and the Bi-Annual Leo Baeck Lecture, delivered in 2017 by Edmund de Waal.

The Leo Baeck Institute supports modules at the School of History at Queen Mary University focusing on the rich field of European Jewish History. These provide a grounding in approaches and theories, which have influenced the ways in which scholars understand Jewish history. The question of emancipation, the quest of equal rights and Jewish identity but also the role of antisemitism are central, as are Jewish intellectual history, focussing on the ideas of eminent Jewish thinkers about the place of Jews and Judaism in pre-modern and modern society.